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Sharon is a Life Coach. She has a Masters Degree in Counseling with over 20 years of experience. She offers Life and Relationship Coaching sessions. These sessions are completely secure and confidential.

Please call (801) 915-9046 for additional information.

Sharon St. John is skilled, compassionate Coach with over 20 years of experience. offering new and more convenient services for you through the Internet. 

You can meet with Sharon for personal counseling or problem solving, from the privacy of your own computer. 

Using the Internet, professional counselors like Sharon, are forming effective helping relationships with people like you. 

Your online counseling is private, we use a HIPAA compliant program to offer you personal video sessions. Services are typically offered via email, online chat and the preferred video conferencing A growing number of clients prefer video conferencing as a replacement for office visits because it is convenient and effective. An added benefit is it eliminates driving to your session, finding childcare, having to juggle doctor or dentist appointments or racing to your classes. It is one less place to go.

What is the difference between online counseling and online coaching?

Counseling: Therapists require extensive expertise in the subject matter of marital counseling, childhood abuse, depression/anxiety, grief, addictions, low self esteem, parenting, stress, communication skills and personal-professional relationships. Sharon has special interest in Eating Disorders.

Coaching: Sharon received her professional coaching training from ADD Coaching.  Coaching is a partnership to bring out your best. Coaches offer knowledge, skills and strategies for getting things done. Things actually happen when you are working with a coach who offers support, guidance and accountability. You learn new ways to solve problems and accomplish goals, moving life forward in key areas such as

ADHD: Adults and Adolescents

Work and career 

Health and well-being 

Balance and spirit

Quality relationships 

Education talents and interests

Sharon, as a Coach with extensive expertise, works with the individual in three areas:1) Self-management  strategies to neutralize areas of challenge; 2) Action plans to manifest strengths and interests; 3) Support systems to foster confidence, balance, and action.


My Fees

I offer a free 15 minute consultation prior to making your initial appointment. 
1/2 hour: $25.00
I hour: $45.00
You may purchase a monthly or quarterly package of sessions for a reduced cost. $125.00 for 3-session package ($10.00 savings!) or $205.00 for 5-session package ($20.00 savings!)

Please call (801) 915-9046 for additional information.


Are you experiencing emotional pain? Over stressed?

Are you in a marriage that's too good to leave but too bad to stay?


I'd Like to Help and I can!


Thank you and I look forward to serving you.

Please go to my Contact page to email me for additional information. I'm confident you will be very pleased with my support.


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Problems I Treat

Depression & Anxiety

Marital & Relationship Issues


Divorce and Separation Adjustment

Stress & Crisis

Please call 911 or your nearest emergency facility if you are in crisis!


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